The Tea Detective
Uncovering and Exploring the Facts About Tea
Creating Your Own Unique
Blended and Flavored Teas
One of the great things about tea is its immense variety.  There's a tea to pair
with every type of food, be it sweet or spicy hot, and to go with every time of
day - be it morning, noon, as an afternoon pick-me-up, early evening to relax,
and finally nighttime, to wind down.
There are literally thousands
of different
tea blends, styles,
and flavors, but depending on what your
favorite taste preferences are, it can take
some time finding your exact perfect tea blend
or flavor combination.  So, rather than endless-
ly searching, create your own unique tea
recipes that are just right for you.

It's as simple as getting some fillable tea bags,
your favorite teas (you can find bulk 1 lb. bags
of quality loose leaf tea from                      , and
gathering together some of your favorite

These can include many common everyday
items found right in your kitchen cupboard,
everything from dried fruits and citrus peels, to spices such as vanilla pods, cinnamon, and
ginger, to
herbs like chamomile or mint, which pair well with green

You can even add scented flower petals like rose or
jasmine for a
soft, relaxing touch to your tea. And if you have a sweet tooth, add
bits of chocolate or rock candy, nuts, raisins-the choices are endless.
You can add most anything you like.  Remember, this is your favorite
blend of teas and flavorings.

                                            There aren't too many rules to worry about when creating your
                                            recipe, but if you are strictly mixing together a
blend of teas you
                                            need to remember to keep the different tea leaf sizes uniform or
                                            the tea won't brew properly.  

                                            Try not to mix broken leaf and whole leaf teas together.  Remem-
different size leaf brews at different rates.  The smaller brok-
                                            en leaf sizes will brew faster than the whole leaf sizes and you
                                            will end up with an ugly tasting tea at best.

This usually isn't a problem if you're mixing up just enough tea for one cup, but if you are mixing
up a larger batch, keep this in mind.

When storing your newly prepared batch of
tea be sure to use an airtight container with
a tight fitting lid.  If using a clear glass jar,
       store away in a dry, dark cupboard
       away from direct light or sunlight.  See
Tea Storage page for more tips on
       storing your tea properly.

       One other thing to remember, and this
       is important - be sure to make lots of
       notes as you go along so you can re-
       create a favorite recipe once you have
       arrived on the perfect blend of teas and

       Along with creating favorite
tea blends
       and flavored teas, you can also design specific blends to address various health issues,
       such as the best blend for an upset stomach, to ward off or shorten a
cold or flu, give you
       a nice afternoon pick-me-up, increase alertness, or help relax after a long, stressful day.
       These are just a few ideas for you to consider when creating that unique brew just for you.

                                                 As always, if you have a question or would like to share a
                                                 special recipe, tip, or comment with our readers, use our
contact and questions page. We love hearing from you.

                                                 Tea is so wonderfully versatile and delicious, it makes it fun and
                                                 easy to design a special recipe streamlined to your own tastes
                                                 and interests.  So go ahead and get started today creating your
                                                 own special "cup of tea."  
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