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Flavored Teas - What's Your Favorite?
Fruits, flowers, and spices make up the bountiful array of flavors that can
be added to a base of black, oolong, green or white teas.  Flavored teas
are some of the most popular and make a wonderfully refreshing or relax-
ing brew, whether
hot or cold.
It's Time to Add a Little Spice to Your Life
                                There's nothing more soothing than a cup of hot spiced tea to warm you up
                                 in the dead of winter.  
Herbs and spices like cinnamon, ginger, cloves, and
                                 nutmeg are just some of the additions to spiced tea.

                                 One of the most popular teas that's sweeping the country, is
Chai tea.
                                 Every tea and coffee shop has it's own rendition of what Chai should taste
                                 like, and of course, everyone swears by their own personal formula.

                                 It's a combination of ginger root, cinnamon and green cardamom, with
                                 ginger and vanilla flavor.  It's a bold, sweet, and spicy combination that will
                                 warm you from the inside out on a cold winter's day, or just help you to      
                                  relax and unwind after a long, hard day in the concrete jungle.  

                   carries a nice selection of chai teas, including masala chai, thai chai, rooibos vanilla,
apple spice chai, chocolate chai, and green tea chai.  They also have a sampler with four of their
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Flavored teas are a tasty, fun way to
add your favorite flavors to tea.  I love the fact that there
are so many different flavors and combinations out there just waiting to try.  The great thing
about tea is that you could try a different one every day for a year, and not even come close to
sampling them all.  I love having that kind of variety to choose from.  I hope you do, too.  
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One way of incorporating
flavor into tea is by adding
fresh or dried fruit.  Almost
any fruit can be used, so
chances are if you have a
favorite flavor, it's out there.

I have a love of lemon and whether hot or cold,
lemon flavored tea is just about the best you can
get.  With a squeeze of fresh lemon and a
spoonful of honey added to hot, black, lemon
flavored tea, you can knock out the worst
or just add a zesty pick-me-up to your
afternoon break.  

And again, lemon flavored
black tea, sweetened,
with a fresh wedge of lemon served over ice-ahh,
heavenly-it's making me thirsty just thinking about
it.  If you're a citrus lover like me, orange and lime flavored teas are also available.
If you're more of a berry person, there's strawberry, raspberry, blue-
berry, blackberry...the list goes on and on.    

Or is chocolate the flavor you crave most?  Mighty Leaf Tea has a Choc-
olate Truffle
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tooth cravings you might have, but without sacrificing tons of calories.

The flavors are Pear Caramel Truffle, Mayan Chocolate Truffle, Masala
Chocolate Truffle, Chocolate Orange, Chocolate Mint, and Mocha Truffle Pu-erh.  The only
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