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The many health benefits of drinking tea.
If after drinking a cup of tea you seem to feel better, it's not your
imagination. Tea contains a long list of beneficial ingredients, including
vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that help fight everything from
colds and flu, to cancer and heart disease.

The history behind iced tea and recipe for
this summertime classic.
Learn the history behind iced tea and how a spur
of the moment decision led to its creation, and recipe
for brewing up a glass or pot of this summertime classic.

A quick lesson on how teas are named and graded.
Are you confused by all the names, letters, and symbols surrounding
tea?  We'll take the mystery out by giving you a quick lesson on what it all means, giving you
one more tool to use in learning all about this mystical plant.

How is green tea made?
Learn about the unique manufacturing process for green tea, leaving it in its near natural state, and pre-
serving the flavor, vitamins, minerals, and important antioxidants, making it one of the healthiest of teas.

How is black tea made?
Many people enjoy the full, robust flavor of black tea.  We'll walk you through the manufacturing process
step-by-step, to show you what it takes to bring this quality tea to your table.

No time to brew-grab a glass of instant or bottle of ready to drink tea.
Following the creation of iced tea, it took nearly half a century for instant tea mix and bottled and canned
ready to drink teas to make their debut.  Now days they're easy to find in any number of flavors and
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What are the main types of tea?
Learn about the six main types of tea, how they are produced,
and the different processing methods that distinguish them from
one another.

How do I choose the right tea for me?
Buying loose leaf tea for the first time can be confusing, but we've taken the work
out of it for you.  With lots of helpful tips and information, we've turned confusing
into confident.

Make brewing tea a breeze with a few useful tools.
Brewing tea is an easy task, but with a few choice tools and
accessories, you can make it easier and even more enjoyable.

Brewing Loose Leaf Tea
Easy step-by-step instructions and a few helpful tips, will have
you brewing the perfect cup or pot of tea the first time, every

Flavored Tea-Everyone's Favorite
Satisfy your favorite cravings with a healthy, low calorie
cup of flavored tea.

So who is Earl Grey anyway?
Earl Grey is probably the most recognizable of blended teas, but there are many
other tasty blends that make the perfect beginning or finish to your day.

Organic teas aren't just good for you,
but Mother Earth, too.
Learn how organic teas are grown, and how
to ensure the tea you're buying is certified
organic by the country it was grown in.

Scented teas are a fragrant and refreshing
treat for the taste buds.
Perfected by the Chinese many centuries ago,
these delicate, refreshing, relaxing teas are not
only tasty, but sport many health benefits as well.