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America's Favorite Summer Drink is Born
It's hard to imagine summer without a tall, cold glass of iced tea.  But did you
know that the creation of iced tea rested on a spur of the moment decision to
improvise?  It's true-and here's how it happened.
Sun Tea - Go Green
With This Classic Iced Tea Recipe
      Sun Tea
        Heres an opportunity to brew up a fresh gallon of iced tea, using
        solar power.  That's right, all you need is a clean gallon jar, cold
        water, tea bags, and a few hours in the sun and you'll have a gallon
        of iced tea, or Sun Tea, as it was called in the 70's.  Here's what
        you'll need:  A clean gallon jar with a cover, 16 to 18 tea bags

        1)  Place the tea bags in jar and fill with fresh, cold water.
        2)  Place cover on jar, capping loosely, and place in direct sunlight
             for 3 and 1/2 to 4 hours, until desired strength
        3)  Remove tea bags
        4)  Refrigerate until properly cooled.
        5)  Serve in tall glasses over ice, sweeten to taste, and garnish with a wedge of lemon (or
             add a fresh sprig of mint).  

        You can play with this recipe, using different flavors of tea, strength, steeping times, etc.
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In the summer of 1904 at
the St. Louis Worlds Fair, a
group of Indian tea produc-
ers set up a special tea pavilion to market
India black tea.

Back then most of the tea drunk in the U.S.
was green tea, so this was going to be
something new, and the Indians thought
they'd have no problem attracting the
attention of the curious Americans with their
type of tea.  

The one thing they hadn't considered,
though, was the temperature.  Under the
supervision of an Englishman named Richard
Blechynden, the Indians offered up their
cups of
hot tea to the fair goers who walked
Some Like it Hot - Some Like it Cold
                                           With the temperatures soaring, the sweltering masses sought out
                                           cold drinks, hurrying by the near empty tea booth.

                                           But Mr. Blechynden wasn't about to be stymied.  Well aware of hot
                                           tea's thirst quenching qualities, he knew that if he could just get the
                                           Americans to stop long enough to try the tasty
black tea, they'd be
                                           sold.  So, he made a quick decision.

                                           If it was cold drinks the Americans wanted, it's cold drinks they
                                           would get. Packing ice into glasses, he poured the hot tea in...and
                                           voila', iced tea was born.

 Word spread like wildfire through the fair-
 grounds about the new cold drink that just
 had to be tried, and the ever curious ready-
 to-try-anything Americans quickly got into
 line for iced tea.

 It wasn't long before they agreed that it was
 the perfect drink for a hot summer's day.  Iced
 tea caught the fancy of millions of Americans,
 and by 1992 they were drinking one-and-a-
 half to two
billion gallons per year, totaling
 nearly eighty percent of all tea drunk in the

         With so many more flavors and choices
         available today, I'm sure we drink many
         times that amount of both hot and cold
         teas per year.  Some tea companies are making it easier to brew up a refreshing, thirst
         quenching gallon of tea by offering pre-measured portions, that you just drop in your hot
         water and steep-no more measuring or guessing. See the links below to purchase Lipton
         gallon sized pre-measured portions.  

health benefits you derive from tea make it the healthier choice over sodas and
         energy drinks.  
Brew up a cold, fresh jug and add it to your picnic or outdoor barbecue for
         a refreshing change of pace.  And compared glass to glass with soft drinks, you'll be sav
         ing a ton of money.  And that's always a good thing.  
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